Jaana pehchana anjaan

Thama tha woh

Bikhra tha woh

Bekha tha woh

sulga tha woh 

uljha tha woh

suljha tha woh 

Gira tha woh

utha tha woh 

Phir bhi na jaaney kyun 

Sehma tha woh 

Ruka tha woh 

uske liyen 

ya usse aagey badney

ka rasta dekhne ko 

Kya tha woh 

kyun tha woh 

bas khud hi sawal ban Gaya tha woh 

jawab toh hazar they 

par Ek bhi de Saka na woh 

sulajh kar bhi 

ulajh Sa Gaya tha woh 

jaaney kiske intezar mein tha woh 

Waqt bad Gaya 

na bad Saka woh

Shayad darr sa Gaya tha woh 

Khoney ka tha usse yeh darr

ya door honey ka usse 

jo bhi tha 

anjaan tha woh usse 

aur khud se

jaana pehchacha sa 

anjaan tha woh 

sulajhkar bhi 

uljha sa tha woh


Aao Udaas Chehre Ko Hasate Hain Chalkar….

Udaas chehre ko hasaate hain chal kar,
khwaab aankhon mein phirse sajate hain chal kar.

Kachhe makaan mein baarish ghus aati hai..
Aaj sir pe kisi ke chatt banate hain chal kar,
Udaas chehre ko hasaate hain chal kar.

Zindagi afsos hai aur kuch bhi nahi.
Mushkilein aisi hain ki koi hal bhi nahi.
Unke ghum ko zara baant aate hain chal kar,
Udaas chehre ko hasate hain chal kar !


Imagine a book you delve deeper and deeper into every passing meaty page.

This particular book something so undeniably coherent and understandable.

The words in rhythm with the pulse of the heart till you think can there be more?
The last pages are inherently contained in the first.

And even the first pages want to feel like unity.

But it all ends…
Because all that the book with its pages were words that the book itself didn’t attach meaning to.

It only was an experience relived in the mind of the reader.

Yet the book not knows of its beauty

and It’s essence which made the reader come back to it ever so often.
For it remains dead. Inanimate.

Oblivious to the storm it created in the readers heart.
Now, that it’s gone.

With no other book coming close to stirring his heart anymore.

The storm withers taking with it what made the heart move.
“What or who would me my eternal book” she thought letting her pen drop down like her descent from her escapes.

Note: I wrote this poem long time back but today someone’s mail just reminded me of this…

Awazo ke bazar

Mooh ki baat suney har koi Dil ke dard ki jaaney kaun Awazo ke bazar mein khamoshi lo pehchane kaun Mooh ki baat suney har koi Dil ke dard ko jaaney kaun Sadiyo-sadiyo wahi tamasha Rasta-rasta lambi soch Miltey hain sab hi se par ek din kho jaatey hain jaaney kaun Awazo ke bazar mein mooh ki baat suney har koi dil ke dard ko jaaney kaun

-Jagjeet Singh



Stars Are Not Too Far

Stars in the sky are not too far,

Only then if you don’t lose your heart.

Life is like a bud,by only with your hard work,

it will open into a flower.

Try to be always silent, but strong,

Then by over side nothing will go wrong.

Dont side by yourself, saying you cannot face difficulties anymore,

Challenges to the darkness will give you way to the bright and successful day.

When the rain sings for you,

When the sun shines for you,

And when there is not any war,

Then for you, stars in the sky,

are not too far….


Yet, she was called fake!

She didn’t want to see cries,

In those eyes with the deepest smiles

Even if one day the separated,

Yet, she was called fake!

She loved him with all her soul,

She prayed for his best every day and night

Yet, she was called fake!

She was stuck,

She couldn’t move on …

Neither mother nor brother could fill his gap,

Yet, she was called fake!

Time passed,

sparkles fell,

grew slowly,

pain grew into a volcano and burnt her

yet, she was called fake!

Her feelings never faded with time,

Her love grew stronger with time,

Yet, she was called fake!