The Kite Runner” tells a heartbreaking story of the unlikely friendship between Amir, the son of a wealthy Afghan businessman, and Hassan, the son of his father’s servant. Amir is Sunni; Hassan is Shi’a. One is born to a privileged class; the other to a loathed minority. One to a father of enormous presence; the other to a crippled man. One is a voracious reader; the other illiterate.
The poor Hassan is born with a hare lip, but Amir’s gaps are better hidden, deep inside.
Yet Amir and Hassan live and play together, not simply as friends, but as brothers without mothers. Their intimate story traces across the expansive canvas of history, 40 years in Afghanistan’s tragic evolution, like a kite under a gathering storm. The reader is blown from the last days of Kabul’s monarchy — salad days in which the boys lives’ are occupied with school, welcome snows, American cowboy movies and neighborhood bullies — into the atrocities of the Taliban, which turned the boys’ green playing fields red with blood.
This unusually eloquent story is also about the fragile relationship fathers and sons, humans and their gods, men and their countries. Loyalty and blood are the ties that bind their stories into one of the most lyrical, moving and unexpected books .
The title of the book refers to a traditional tournament for Afghan children in which kite-flyers compete by slicing through the strings of their opponents with their own razor-sharp, glass-encrusted strings. To be the child who wins the tournament by downing all the other kites — and to be the “runner” who chases down the last losing kite as it flutters to earth — is the greatest honor of all.
And in that metaphor of flyer and runner, Hosseini’s story soars.
This is a truly magnificent book! (Without a doubt one of the very best stories I have ever read) A Must Read FOR All!!!



Usually I don’t post a book review but i couldn’t resist myself from writing a review about this immersive , unforgettable, mystery classic.

The Moonstone , a mystery written by WILKIE COLLINS, is one of the best mysetery novels I have read so far. Collins did an amazing job of creating tension and suspense, and at the same time, keeping its orignality.

Working in the shadow of Gothic and Romantic literary traditions, Wilkie Collins managed to create something new and unique. Insttead of the endless evocationof atmosphere and focusing on sinister villians, Collins focused on a simple mystery and its solution:who stole the diamond known as the Moonstone and where did it go? But, any reader of the novel knows that the mystery is secondary the exposition and the marvelous parade of character. It isn’t getting to the resolution of the mystery is the main thing, but the process of getting there.

One of the great attractions of novel is the extraordinary style of writing. Collins imbued his caracters with enormous charm and gave each one of them a vivid manner to express themselves. The multiple narratives by the remarkable characters was a stratergy to deal with the problem of authorial point of view. On thw other hand Collins wanted to avoid the omniscent narrator who would know the truth about each character and about the fate of the diamond. Collins therefore cast the novel in the form of a succession of narratives by the various participants in the novels. He thereby limits the knowledege of each narrator, but he also is able to provie considerable variation in the style of each narrative.

The two most remarkable segments are those by Gabriel Betteridge, House-Steward in the service of Lady Verinder and her cousin Miss Clack, a prim and fervid evangetical Christian whose missionary zeal and prudish moralising provide many of the funniest moments of the novel. The style of these two could not be more distinct, both from the rest of the narratives and from each other. Miss Clack had to constantly fight a tendency to sermonize.

Betteridge on the other hand, is solid, practical and a tad parochial but ferociously loyal to hd employer. For him the good life consists of a good pipe and a copy of ROBIN CRUSOE at hand. If one laughs at Miss Clack, the reader comes to thouroughly like Betteridge.

Hence, THE MOONSTONE is a page turner, which is a delight to read. One wants to read it because each page is such a joy and wants to discover what happens next. The characters are mainly enjoyable, but like so many authors his eccentric characters are far more memorable and enjoyable than his central characters.

The book is so memorable that I can’t imagine any reader lamenting during the course of its pages. So, I strongly recommend this book to all those who love to read mysteries as this book is something worth reading.