Jaana pehchana anjaan

Thama tha woh

Bikhra tha woh

Bekha tha woh

sulga tha woh 

uljha tha woh

suljha tha woh 

Gira tha woh

utha tha woh 

Phir bhi na jaaney kyun 

Sehma tha woh 

Ruka tha woh 

uske liyen 

ya usse aagey badney

ka rasta dekhne ko 

Kya tha woh 

kyun tha woh 

bas khud hi sawal ban Gaya tha woh 

jawab toh hazar they 

par Ek bhi de Saka na woh 

sulajh kar bhi 

ulajh Sa Gaya tha woh 

jaaney kiske intezar mein tha woh 

Waqt bad Gaya 

na bad Saka woh

Shayad darr sa Gaya tha woh 

Khoney ka tha usse yeh darr

ya door honey ka usse 

jo bhi tha 

anjaan tha woh usse 

aur khud se

jaana pehchacha sa 

anjaan tha woh 

sulajhkar bhi 

uljha sa tha woh


Friendship Day

Ok ,so today is so called friendship day . But, I really wonder if we need a particular day to celebrate our friendships . According to me all these days are just a  part of. marketing techniques by those gifting brands . And very frankly just a day to remember a friend or friendship is bit weird. Though as a kid it was ritual to wish friendship day and celebrate this day by tying those friendship bands and at the end counting those friendship bands and seeing who has more friends , but then as we start growing up, we start coming close to reality that is we don’t need many friends around us  but all we need is , an unconditional friendship with friends who are for lifetime validity with no terms and conditions .