“FEMINISM”- Most Misintepreted Term in This Era

I don’t know where to begin from! But, to begin with I would like to question you people what do you think of the term feminism??? And to all those feminists out there, I want to question you people as well. What do you think you are- a pseudo feminist or a pro-feminist???

Well, the actual meaning of feminism is as following:

“Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.”

At least this is what the Google says. I already know this but what about those who have commonly misinterpreted this term???

I know that the feminist struggle in India has been a long one, and it’s still obviously nowhere near its goal of equality between men and women.

Women still have plenty to contend with: the proverbial glass-ceiling at work, casual everyday sexism, no apparent decrease in cases of assault, and cops and politicians still blaming everyone and everything .

However, some Indian laws are actually in a woman’s favour. Of course, there are always men who cry foul about this, and launch ridiculous campaigns that becry men as the forgotten gender, and call for an end to ‘discrimination’ against men.

The real tragedy, however, are the uncertain number of women who use the admittedly sparse benefits of being a woman in India for their personal, unfair gain. While there is nothing wrong with reaping the perks women have in society, there is a problem when individual women use it to disadvantage or malign others.

One of the most common of such occurrences is the issue with reserved seats on buses and reserved compartments on local trains. I do not deny the need for them; more than a right, or even a privilege, as they’ve been dubbed, they are more of a necessity for women to travel in relative security, away from the eyes and hands of unsavoury characters, at least for the duration of their journey. This is the precise reason I use ladies’ reserved seats, myself.

But, I have personally witnessed several instances where young, able-bodied women have demanded that senior gentleman to give their auto to these girls because they are “women” and trust me this gentleman was too old, most probably in eighties and walked with a stick.

I also watched while a college girl hopped onto the general compartment of a metro, found no vacant seats, then walked up to a young man and asked him to give her his seat, on account of her being a woman. He refused, and rightly so, seeing as she chose to enter the general compartment in spite of the compartments reserved for her.

These instances, while unfair, do not cause debilitating damage. They just leave the inconvenienced men and other bystanders with a distorted view of what feminism actually is.

But what about the cases where, in order to implicate men against whom they nurse a grudge, women falsely accuse men of rape? The men may or may not have caused them some form of trauma, but they are innocent of the crime they are being accused of.

Accusations like these not are not only illegal, but they cause extreme humiliation and anguish for the men they’re levelled against, they also discredit the actual past, present and future victims of rape.

A false accusation by one woman immediately causes a shadow of doubt over women who’ve actually survived rape, and this isn’t something we need in a culture that’s already lax about taking genuine rape cases seriously.

People misusing feminism often have a ready excuse, saying, “Women have suffered for years, it’s alright to take advantage of our rights now.”

This isn’t true. By abusing the rights our forbears fought for, we insult them by stooping down to the level of what they fought against. And by being this way you are just being a pseudo-feminist instead of being a pro-feminist.Pseudo feminist achieve their ill motives by taking this platform as a medium. Whereas, pro-feminist do not expect to be specially treated nor do they accept bias in their favor, all they claim is equality in all ways.

It is the pseudo feminists who are losing their ground and trying to steer away this movement from the core issues. There are still many places in this world where women are still lagging behind and are not given the right platform to come up with their ideas. To add on to this, women are ill-treated and are not credited for their skills or merit. Hence, for their welfare we still need to have pro-feminist groups. However, the pro-feminine movement will never lose its meaning because it has empowered women, boosted their confidence, has made them self sustainable. They have never portrayed men in the bad picture. Equality was all what they asked for and have achieved and will achieve the not achieved.

For the sake of the betterment of life, and the general upliftment of women , we need to stop being biased and a pseudo feminist.



Aisa na socha tha
na socha tha kabhi,
Ghalib ka shahar itna haseen hoga.
zubaan pe gaaliyaan chaahe,
magar dil to shahad hoga.

hazaaron rung chehre pe,
yahan har roz khilte hain.
ho ranjish dil mein par,
ek doosre se roz milte hain.

Chal uthti hain sabki aankhein,
bhale hi ghum kisi ke hon.
bahaarein roz rehti hain,
Bhale hi mausam koi bhi ho.

jahaan mein shayad koi bhi shahar ,
aisa nahi hoga.
na Socha tha kabhi,
Ghalib ka shahar itna haseen hoga.


I saw a movie some days back and frankly speaking I really hated that movie but the only thing I liked about the movie was one of its dialogue that”Every Place Has Its Own Story”. Well, today the reason I remembered this was because I feel that this city Jaipur , Rajasthan’s capital has its own story to tell . I feel Jaipur is a beguiled city and a gateway to India’s most flamboyant state. Everything about the city is unique from its trending neon coulors which are a hot trend in Europe these days to those ethnic kolapuris(special Rajasthani shoes) , from those traditional ghagra cholis to those streets with those old havelis , from those Rajasthani Mehendis(hena) to those old architecture to those puppet shows ,everything is worth observing and seeing. Also, the city’s colourful ,chaotic streets ebb and flow with a heady brew of old and new . The splendours of of Jaipur’s majestic past are islands of evoking a different place and another world.At the city’s heart , The City Palace continues to house the former royal family ; The Jantar Mantar , The Royal Onservatory, maintains a heavenly aspect;and the honey comb Hawa Mahal gazes on the bazar below. And just out of the sight, in the arid hill country surrounding the city , is the fairy tail grandeur of Amber Fort. Even though this wasn’t my visit city , but still I won’t get tired of writing about the city as  I feel each of these monuments and places have there own story to tell and their own role in the Indian history . But since I have to end somewhere all I would like to say at the end is that I had an enthralling experience in India’s one of the most flamboyant city .

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