Chil gaye they zakhm uske aise

ki marham bhi na bhar paya usse

Ghao bhi they itne gehre

ki aankhon se chillakar bahi thi nehre

kya tha woh?

samajh bhi na paya tha

woh khud uss ehsas-e-dard ko


shikayat toh woh apno se karta

par yaha toh apne bhi uske paraye se they

uss chot ka ab sirf dard hi nahi

zakhm bhi tha aisa

ki marham bhi na bhar paya usse…






Jaana pehchana anjaan

Thama tha woh

Bikhra tha woh

Bekha tha woh

sulga tha woh 

uljha tha woh

suljha tha woh 

Gira tha woh

utha tha woh 

Phir bhi na jaaney kyun 

Sehma tha woh 

Ruka tha woh 

uske liyen 

ya usse aagey badney

ka rasta dekhne ko 

Kya tha woh 

kyun tha woh 

bas khud hi sawal ban Gaya tha woh 

jawab toh hazar they 

par Ek bhi de Saka na woh 

sulajh kar bhi 

ulajh Sa Gaya tha woh 

jaaney kiske intezar mein tha woh 

Waqt bad Gaya 

na bad Saka woh

Shayad darr sa Gaya tha woh 

Khoney ka tha usse yeh darr

ya door honey ka usse 

jo bhi tha 

anjaan tha woh usse 

aur khud se

jaana pehchacha sa 

anjaan tha woh 

sulajhkar bhi 

uljha sa tha woh

From Dusk To Dawn


It was nearly 11:30 pm the morning , Angela Adams sat in Berlin Criminal Court Number 4 and waited for justice for her son; vengeance on two boys and one girl who were accused of killing her son with cruelty.

As there was still sometime for the final verdict to be announced , Mrs Adams closed her eyes and recalled the last time when she met her son. She rembered how deliriously her son  Daniel had come to her telling her about his first biking expedition.

It was a sunny afternoon on 25 May 2012 when her son Daniel left for his first biking expedition to Switzerland with his three best friends called Oliver, Sam and Cheryl. There journey started from Berlin on 26 May 2012 , while on there way to Switzerland they discovered many places and met many people on there way .

But it all changed on 9 June 2012 when they decided to stop by the Autobahn(highway) A4 which is a connecting route from shaffhausen-Winterhur-ZÜRICH-Central Switzerland .It was 7:00 pm in the evening but since the weather has unexpectedly changed and had become cloudy they decided to stop over at A4 and continue there journey in a while…