“FEMINISM”- Most Misintepreted Term in This Era

I don’t know where to begin from! But, to begin with I would like to question you people what do you think of the term feminism??? And to all those feminists out there, I want to question you people as well. What do you think you are- a pseudo feminist or a pro-feminist???

Well, the actual meaning of feminism is as following:

“Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.”

At least this is what the Google says. I already know this but what about those who have commonly misinterpreted this term???

I know that the feminist struggle in India has been a long one, and it’s still obviously nowhere near its goal of equality between men and women.

Women still have plenty to contend with: the proverbial glass-ceiling at work, casual everyday sexism, no apparent decrease in cases of assault, and cops and politicians still blaming everyone and everything .

However, some Indian laws are actually in a woman’s favour. Of course, there are always men who cry foul about this, and launch ridiculous campaigns that becry men as the forgotten gender, and call for an end to ‘discrimination’ against men.

The real tragedy, however, are the uncertain number of women who use the admittedly sparse benefits of being a woman in India for their personal, unfair gain. While there is nothing wrong with reaping the perks women have in society, there is a problem when individual women use it to disadvantage or malign others.

One of the most common of such occurrences is the issue with reserved seats on buses and reserved compartments on local trains. I do not deny the need for them; more than a right, or even a privilege, as they’ve been dubbed, they are more of a necessity for women to travel in relative security, away from the eyes and hands of unsavoury characters, at least for the duration of their journey. This is the precise reason I use ladies’ reserved seats, myself.

But, I have personally witnessed several instances where young, able-bodied women have demanded that senior gentleman to give their auto to these girls because they are “women” and trust me this gentleman was too old, most probably in eighties and walked with a stick.

I also watched while a college girl hopped onto the general compartment of a metro, found no vacant seats, then walked up to a young man and asked him to give her his seat, on account of her being a woman. He refused, and rightly so, seeing as she chose to enter the general compartment in spite of the compartments reserved for her.

These instances, while unfair, do not cause debilitating damage. They just leave the inconvenienced men and other bystanders with a distorted view of what feminism actually is.

But what about the cases where, in order to implicate men against whom they nurse a grudge, women falsely accuse men of rape? The men may or may not have caused them some form of trauma, but they are innocent of the crime they are being accused of.

Accusations like these not are not only illegal, but they cause extreme humiliation and anguish for the men they’re levelled against, they also discredit the actual past, present and future victims of rape.

A false accusation by one woman immediately causes a shadow of doubt over women who’ve actually survived rape, and this isn’t something we need in a culture that’s already lax about taking genuine rape cases seriously.

People misusing feminism often have a ready excuse, saying, “Women have suffered for years, it’s alright to take advantage of our rights now.”

This isn’t true. By abusing the rights our forbears fought for, we insult them by stooping down to the level of what they fought against. And by being this way you are just being a pseudo-feminist instead of being a pro-feminist.Pseudo feminist achieve their ill motives by taking this platform as a medium. Whereas, pro-feminist do not expect to be specially treated nor do they accept bias in their favor, all they claim is equality in all ways.

It is the pseudo feminists who are losing their ground and trying to steer away this movement from the core issues. There are still many places in this world where women are still lagging behind and are not given the right platform to come up with their ideas. To add on to this, women are ill-treated and are not credited for their skills or merit. Hence, for their welfare we still need to have pro-feminist groups. However, the pro-feminine movement will never lose its meaning because it has empowered women, boosted their confidence, has made them self sustainable. They have never portrayed men in the bad picture. Equality was all what they asked for and have achieved and will achieve the not achieved.

For the sake of the betterment of life, and the general upliftment of women , we need to stop being biased and a pseudo feminist.



This following article is about the people suffering from depression .

There was a long talk about Deepika Padukone an Indian actress having depression and when she talked about it some people said that it was her PR team who worked on it . Some even said that how can she have a depression ? After all she is rich, famous, she has everything. Well, according to my personal view even if her Pr team worked on something like that, I am glad they worked on something like depression. At least it’s good to spread awareness about it.  According to some great people depression can strike to only those who are poor, infamous, who fail in achieving things. Though I wonder what about Robin Williams, Sankalp Anand, Simone Battle,Philip Seymour Hoffman ,Tony Scott, Amy winehouse, Marilyn Monroe, and many more… As far as I remember they were all celebrities, rich, famous. They had thousands of fans and hell lot of money. Then what was the reason for them to commit suicide??? There is no reason such as selfishness for them to suicide. All of them commuted suicide due to depression. 

But, I heard one such thing today and I have heard this same thing before also people say he or she committed suicide because he or she was selfish and wanted to seek some attention!!!  Wow!!! Heights!!!Would anyone tell me what will the person do of that attention after  his/her death??? 

If a poor person commits suicide he/she is coward and if a rich person does so he /she is selfish. Isn’t this theory great??

no, it’s not!

You say that for someone with a successful career and family to commit suicide is selfish. Fine. Your opinion, you’re entitled to have it, however much we may disagree.

But why would you want to publicly declare that the recently deceased is selfish? Especially when the news has only just broken, and people are clearly sad about the whole thing? Why is getting in to criticise the deceased when they’ve only just passed so important to you? What service are you providing by doing so, that makes you so justified in throwing accusations of selfishness around?

Do you think that depression is “fashionable?” And by criticising the sufferers you can deter others from “joining in”? Granted, we hear more about depression than we used to these days, but then we know what it is now. We see a lot more photos from Mars these days, because we have the means of doing so now, not because it’s suddenly trendy.

Perhaps you are trying to deter anyone else who might read your views from considering suicide themselves? Given that statistics suggest that one in four people suffer some sort of mental health problem, this isn’t that unlikely an occurrence. But if someone is genuinely depressed and feels their life is worthless, seeing that others consider their feeling selfish can surely only emphasise their own self-loathing and bleakness? It suggests that people will hate them even in death.

Maybe you know some people who have “attempted” suicide purely for attention? Fair enough; a debatable conclusion, but even if you’re right, so what? Surely someone who succeeds at committing suicide is a genuine sufferer who deserves our sympathy?

Perhaps you feel that those expressing sorrow and sadness are wrong and you need to show them that you know better, no matter how upsetting they may find it? And this is unselfish behaviour how, exactly?

A brilliant but tortured individual has taken his own life, and this is a tragedy. But levelling ignorant accusations of selfishness certainly won’t prevent this from happening again. People should never be made to feel worse for suffering from something beyond their control.

So it’s high time to educate people about such mental disorders . Let’s educate people about depression. Let’s help people suffering from depression.

Let’s help them to recover because a semi colon is better than a full stop.

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Beauty exists in the eyes of beholder 

Today while I was going somewhere I saw some people making fun of a woman on her looks. According to me she was like any normal lady but according to these ******** she was ugly as her face was looking but burnt and some scars were there. They called her ugly and by various absurd names. This made me really sick and I really felt disgusted about how can one make fun of of such things. Why the hell people don’t realise what the other person would have been going through???

This incident really made me think that are we human have become so insesnsitive , ride, mean and selfish??? Are we humans so pathetic that for our own fun we can degrade the other person???

I have always believed that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and in the contemplative mind of the observer. A noble mind finds no more or malice in the objects. His mind is in complete harmony with the milieu that exists around him while others with mundane outlook may find holes in third ngs and this miss the real beauty innate in the objects under there very nose. A healthy mind discovers beauty in things that is beyond normal vision. Human mind is at its best when it contemplates beauty in things from its sensuous or spiritual touch. An optimist looks at the bright side things which an open mind that are fully beautiful; oh the other hand , mean find a scar even on the moon. It is a credit to a sound mind that it sees nothing but beauty in things that always exist in one form or the other. The most monumental tribute to beauty comes from the mind which contemplates things in all there colors and forms. Thus, the beauty exists in the eyes of beholder.

FAKE( A New Trend in Our Very Own Society)

The other day I read it somewhere that fake is the new trend and everyone seems to be in style . After all that fake things around me I really started believing that it’s true . In fact yesterday someone reminded me that almost everyone is fake . But, the question rose in my mind was who is fake and who isn’t ? I guess not only me but many of us have been trying to figure this out , ain’t we ???It seems like such a simple concept, but when you get deep down into it, it’s actually a lot more complicated than you’d think.

It’s about meeting new people and getting sucker-punched by them after you thought all they actually wanted to do was be your friend.

It’s about thinking people are being genuine when they say you’re their friend, but you’re really nothing more than a stepping stone along their paths.

You’re usually left in the dark wondering where in the hell all these fake people came from and desperately searching just to find some nice ones.

I’m gonna break it down for you right now. It’s almost impossible to decipher who is nice from who is fake without thinking of a million people who have let you down, all those people who just kept a facade of being your friends, but really weren’t there when it came down to it.

You remember them as you think back, and can recall all those moments they enticed you with their open arms and big hellos.

They were just so goddamn nice that you figured they were going to be your friends. But they weren’t. They were just extending an olive branch for moment, teasing you with it.

You must be careful of fake people. They have their own hidden agenda, an agenda hidden far beyond. They are a sleazy little pawn in their own game of life and they will try to use you to advance themselves in this rat race to nowhere.

They will be these amazing people for week, a month, (hopefully you didn’t keep them around longer than a year, but it happens) and then they show themselves, their true ugly selves.

You see them as they tried to use you, see your small state in their grand play and you fall to the wayside, when you thought you were just confiding in someone good, someone genuine.

How did that just happen? It’s like you were just bitch-slapped. Every time you fall into the trap of meeting a fake person, you come out the other side, wondering where you missed the signs.

After this encounter, why haven’t you learned to just weed out the fake and the nice?

As you’re well aware of, these people do a pretty damn good job of hiding their fake essence, and even though we’ve all encountered too many of the sort, we still get tricked up by the slimy buggers.

Who wouldn’t? They come in with their glowing hellos  and over-reaching promises.

It’s almost impossible to tell what fake is until you’ve been through the ringer and come out the other side with a few good friends hanging on, and if you’re still reading this, you know what I’m talking about.


#harsh reality

Friendship Day

Ok ,so today is so called friendship day . But, I really wonder if we need a particular day to celebrate our friendships . According to me all these days are just a  part of. marketing techniques by those gifting brands . And very frankly just a day to remember a friend or friendship is bit weird. Though as a kid it was ritual to wish friendship day and celebrate this day by tying those friendship bands and at the end counting those friendship bands and seeing who has more friends , but then as we start growing up, we start coming close to reality that is we don’t need many friends around us  but all we need is , an unconditional friendship with friends who are for lifetime validity with no terms and conditions .



I saw a movie some days back and frankly speaking I really hated that movie but the only thing I liked about the movie was one of its dialogue that”Every Place Has Its Own Story”. Well, today the reason I remembered this was because I feel that this city Jaipur , Rajasthan’s capital has its own story to tell . I feel Jaipur is a beguiled city and a gateway to India’s most flamboyant state. Everything about the city is unique from its trending neon coulors which are a hot trend in Europe these days to those ethnic kolapuris(special Rajasthani shoes) , from those traditional ghagra cholis to those streets with those old havelis , from those Rajasthani Mehendis(hena) to those old architecture to those puppet shows ,everything is worth observing and seeing. Also, the city’s colourful ,chaotic streets ebb and flow with a heady brew of old and new . The splendours of of Jaipur’s majestic past are islands of evoking a different place and another world.At the city’s heart , The City Palace continues to house the former royal family ; The Jantar Mantar , The Royal Onservatory, maintains a heavenly aspect;and the honey comb Hawa Mahal gazes on the bazar below. And just out of the sight, in the arid hill country surrounding the city , is the fairy tail grandeur of Amber Fort. Even though this wasn’t my visit city , but still I won’t get tired of writing about the city as  I feel each of these monuments and places have there own story to tell and their own role in the Indian history . But since I have to end somewhere all I would like to say at the end is that I had an enthralling experience in India’s one of the most flamboyant city .

#travelling experience and observation


Success  has never been a cakewalk  and circumstances have rarely favoured great men. They have fought their way to the triumph over the road of difficulty and through all sorts of composition . A law of beginning and humble origin are no bar to a greater career . The farmer’s boys fill many of the great places in legislatures. Boys of lowly origin have made many of the great discoveries. Poor boys and girls have written many of the greatest books and have filled the highest peaks as teachers and journalists. Ask almost any great man in our cities where he was born and he will tell you in town or village.

So yes BRAVES PREVAIL as success has no bars….

World Of Preachers

“To be good is to be noble, but to teach how to be noble is nobler”said a well known writer.According to me this may explain why there is more preaching than of practice. I don’t mean the preaching which we get in schools, but which is given freely and without stints on buses, in the streets and in the homes of our land. Where is the parent who doesn’t discover himself telling his child not to do just what he himself does regularly??? How many people are there who are certain that they just now how to make fortune and will tell others so, and they have never made anything but financial mistakes.The man who never swam a stroke feels perfectly competent to tell another how to swim.The man who cannot find his way to modest livelihood pretends to just know how to save the nation from all economic ills.