imageI have been trying to capture these moving trains from a long time. But, every time I failed because either I was driving myself or the car was moving too fast. But, at last I was able to capture it and all thanks to the traffic jam. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Journey….

  1. Now if only everybody stuck in a traffic jam could use the time to self indulge, just imagine how much more relaxed they would be. Imagine the lack of horn blowing. Imagine the lack of scary lane changing out of frustration when the traffic starts moving again. Imagine actually hoping for a traffic jam so that you can catch up on some personal interest. Your photo says so much more than a study in B & W of rail freight!

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  2. Well, frankly speaking I also hate traffic jams. But, when I am stuck up there, I look for something worth capturing or something usual yet not so usual things.

    Thank You šŸ™‚


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